Growing Together – Tree Planting Ceremony

Another important date on our calendar is on the 3rd December 2013. This is the day where 1 of the key person in Linde Material Handling came for a visit and had a Tree Planted in conjunction with our theme “Growing Together”. We had the pleasure to host Mr. Christophe Lautray (Board Member of Linde Material Handling, Chief Sales Officer and Managing Director) here with us and have had the privilege of him planting our “Mini Tangerine” Tree.The reason a Mini Tangerine or     “金橘” (Cantonese) was chosen is because of the significance in meaning which basically translate to “Gold” for “金” and “橘” for “Luck”.

In both the event, it seems that Mother Nature was with us all the way and was supporting us from the side-lines to make both the event successful. Since it is the monsoon season from November to March (Malaysian Meteorological Department) where rainfall is common, we had clear weather on both occasions. As successful as both our events are, we hope that Linde Material Handling (M) Sdn. Bhd. will also be as successful if not more successful in the near future.